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Cable Assembly Custom

 CABLE customization can choose sensor connector M16 M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 Application and wiring customization of connectors for industrial automation connectors, medical equipment connectors military equipment connectors wiring applications and wiring customization wiring harness customization in electronic machines, customized wiring assembly to provide customers with specific requirements of connector standards or customized non-standard wiring or wiring harness, and wiring components customization.Specific products include custom medical equipment cable car sensor cable 4.0 intelligent equipment connection wiring harness integrated industrial and civil electrical equipment customized HDMI hd cable, cable VGA hd line, Display the Port line, USB cable, mobile intelligent device cable, truck trailer cables waterproof connection wiring harness customization, and video monitor cable, automotive wiring harness, such as industrial automation line.According to the application environment of the customer connector, the engineer selects the type, designs, develops and produces the customized connector from the mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance of the connector.

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M12 field wireable connectors can be divided into Straight and Right Angled Field Installable connector by different enclosure shapes. This type of M12 connector can provide fast connections in the field automation system and other industrial applications. Their environment protection achieves IP67 and IP68.M12 field wireable connectors

1574571495100216.png 1574571426388447.png

m5 cable

m5 cable

M5 small micro connector waterproof M5 connecting wire IP68 waterproof sensor connector 4 pin shielded m8 cable to usb programming cable 3 pin, 4 pin, 5 pin are available Anti-vibration locking screw design IP67/IP68, RoHS, REACH, UL certification


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Direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread and tail locking self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs direct positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs positive connector with M8 self-locking thread; PCB installs negative connector before and after board type. JH-COM  can customize M8 sensor cables of various lengths and 3pin, 4pin male connector, 3 contacts and 4 contact female connector.

M16 Waterproof CABLE  Circular M16 connector

M16 Waterproof CABLE Circular M16 connector

Features of M16 Waterproof connector/CABLE:Strong acid and alkali resistance, chemical cleaning agent/reagent performance

· oil resistance, coolant, lubricant and emulsion characteristics· resistance to welding sparks, frequent torsion and bending

· applicable to the most severe environmental applications such as petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power and automobile manufacturing.· reduce wiring to make equipment quick operation

· good mechanical and electrical performance of M16 aviation plug ensures stability and reliability

· process related operation and function indication LED can realize fault diagnosis

· reduced downtime and maintenance time

· the shielded aviation plug has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance

Water resistance: IP68 has strong acid and alkali resistance, chemical cleaning agent/reagent performance

· oil resistance, coolant, lubricant and emulsion characteristics

· resistance to welding sparks, frequent torsion and bending

· it is applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing and other zui applications.

· reduce wiring to make equipment quick operation

· good mechanical and electrical performance of M16 aviation plug ensures stability and reliability

· process related operation and function indication LED can realize fault diagnosis

· reduced downtime and maintenance time

· the shielded aviation plug has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance

Waterproofing: IP68

M16 circular connectors, manufactured in accordance with international standards, use various fields to connect one of the main electronic components of the signal.

The M16 round connector is a high level connector that meets the European standard.High signal integrity and excellent performance.

The M16 connector, which combines power cord and data cable, is characterized by reducing occupied area and reducing installation and cost for process automation and industrial applications, automation equipment, electronic equipment, electronic instrumentation, sensors, commercial transport, and military/aviation applications.

With multiple contacts, each can carry current up to 2A.The product USES injection molding technology to ensure perfect IP68 seal rating and provide reliable stress relieving capability.

The price that




Custom USB cables

Custom USB cables

USB cable is used for connection and communication between computer and external equipments. Popularly said, USB cable is used for data transmition and charging.

USB is a external bus standard that is the most widely applied in the field of PC and it is used for standardizing the connection and communication between computer and external devices. USB interface supports the function of device Plug and Play and Hot Plug. With the rapid development of computer hardware, USB applications increases the speed of data transfer between external devices and the speed increased is the most benefit for users means users can use more efficient external devices such as a scanner with USB 2.0, sweep a 4M pictures just needs 0.1 seconds or so, work efficiency is greatly improved. Interface Definition Red White Green Black are the standard color assigned to wires, and respectively corresponding to 1,2,3,4 pin; Four wires are respectively 1-Power, 2-data, 3-data, 4-power. The general arrangement is: red, white,green and black from left to right.

Application Fields for USB Cables  According to different interfaces and data cables, USB supports these equipments: mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, flash disk, MP3, mobile phones, android phone, iphone 5, iPhone 6, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, external floppy drive, USB network card, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem and other electronic products. JH-COM can custom various USB cables such as USB 2.0 Type A to A Cable, USB 2.0 A to B Cable, USB 2.0 Type A to Micro B 2.0 Cable, USB A to Lightning Cable, USB A to MINI B Cable, USB 3.0 Cable, USB 3.1 Type C Cable for global consumer electronics product developer, manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler with different material and length cables to meet different requirements.

Custom Waterproof Cable

Custom Waterproof Cable

Waterproof cable is also called waterproof plug, waterproof connector, that is the plug with the performance of waterproof and dustproof and it can provide safe and reliable electricity and signal connections.At present, the key evaluation criteria of the waterproof performance for waterproof connector is based on IP waterproof rating standard. Judging waterproof performance, we basically see two numbers behind IPXX, the first X from 0 to 6, the highest level of 6, for dust proof rating; the second X from 0 to 8, the highest level for 8; Therefore the highest waterproof rating for the waterproof connector is IPX8.Sealing principle: it is sealed by pressure pre-tightening relying on as many as five seals and sealing ring. This method of sealing will not to lose pre-tightening force when the connector expands with heat and contracts with cold and ensure the waterproof effectio for a long time. Water molecules can't penetrate under ordinary pressure (can work in less than 2 m depth under water for a long time).Waterproof connection cables is widely used in these industries such as LED street light, LED driver power source, LED display, the lighthouse, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communications equipment, detection equipment etc. It is slso widely used in stage lamp, aquarium, bathroom accessory, switching power supply, mechanical and electrical equipmentetc.

Custom Made SCSI cable

Custom Made SCSI cable

SCSI(English: Small Computer System Interface),an independent processor standard of system level interfaces used between computer and intelligent devices (hard disk, floppy drive, CD-ROM, printers, scanners). It is a kind of intelligent universal interface standard. It can communicate with a variety of types of peripheral devices. SCSI uses ASPI (advanced SCSI programming interface) standard software interface and allows the communication between driver and SCSI adapter installed inside computer. SCSI interface is widely used in high speed data transmission technology on the minicomputer. The SCSI interface has the advantages of wide application range, multi task, high bandwidth, low CPU occupancy rate, and hot swap etc.

The SCSI bus data transmission control

The SCSI bus has 9 control signal:ATN, BSY, ACK, RST, MSG, SEL, C/D, REQ, I/O, the bus activity of bus is completely decided and realized by these control signals. These signals is controlled by Initiator or by Target or jointly controlled by two. The status of C/D, SEL, MSG, BSY, SEL determines what stage the bus situates. In different stages, the combination of signals on the bus is different.

(1) ATN: the attention signal, is usually set by initiator when initiator has message sent to Target.

(2) BSY: when the SCSI device is in the busy state, occupy the data bus, the signal is set to true.

(3) ACK: response signal, reseted by the Initiator, as confirmation for REQ/ACK requesting response data transmission.

(4) RST: SCSI bus reset.

(5) MSG: reseted by the Target in the stage of message.

(6) SEL: used when Initiator selects Target or Target selects Initiator again.

(7) C/D: Indicate the control signal or data information signal.

(8) REQ: reseted by the Target, indicates requesting to process a REQ/AC K handshake data transmission.

(9) I/O: indicate the direction of current data transmission.

In order to complete a task of I/O , the SCSI device and the bus generally must go through the following process:

(1) Apply for using the bus

(2) select I/O operation object

(3) send messages

(4) assign I/O tasks

(5) data transmission

(6) return status information

Customized SATA Cable

Customized SATA Cable

SATA is the abbreviation of Serial ATA. It is a kind of computer bus, the main function is used as the data transmission between a main board and a large number of storage devices (such as hard disk and CD-ROM drive). This is a completely different from the new type of hard disk interface of the serial PATA, named for using serial mode ti transmit data. SATA bus using the embedded clock signal owns a stronger error correction capability, compared with the past, it's biggest difference is to check the transmittion instruction (not just data), if it find there is an error and it can automatically correct, which improves the reliability of data transmission in a large extent. The serial interface also has the advantages of simple structure and supporting hot plug. At present, SATA respectively owns three kinds of specifications such as 1.5Gbit/s SATA, 3Gbit/s SATA and 6Gbit/s SATA. There will be a more rapid Express SATA specifications in the futhure.

Customizing Display Port cable

Customizing Display Port cable

Display Port is a digital video interface standard promoted by Video Electronics Standards Association, set in May 2006. The latest version 1.2 was set in November 22, 2009. The interface setting down exempting certification and authorization expense, developing new digital audio / video interface, mainly suitable for connecting computer and screen, or computer and home theater system. Intend to replace the old VGA and DVI interface.

DisplayPort Advantages

Based on small packets agreement.

Allows easy expansion of the Display Port standard.

In a separate entity connection allows multiple video streams (in the future).

Design to support the connection between internal chips.   

Allow directly operating display function options, will be able to remove the control loop of display to produce cheaper and lighter display.

The goal is to replace the internal LVDS connection in notebook computer panel by the unified connection interface.

Allow backward compatibility in single channel DVI/HDMI. Dual channel DVI/HDMI and analogy VGA adapter need conversion adapter.

Support RGB and YCbCr color space (ITU-R BT.601 and BT.709 format).

The auxiliary channel can be used in the touch panel data, USB connection, camera, microphone and other equipment.

Less channel and embedded time pulse reduce radio interference "RFI".

Technical specifications

10.8 Gbit/s bandwidth can support 2560 x 1600 high resolution display.

8bit/10bit data transmission.

Open and extensible standards can accelerate the popularity.

Supports 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 bit color depth.

The guaranteed length of cabble's complete bandwidth is 3 meters.

The bandwidth guarantee length of 1080p effective transmission is 5 meters.

Support 128-bit AES DisplayPort content protection (DPCP), version 1.1 more supports for HDCP 40-bit.

Custom Speaker/ Audio/ Video Cable

Custom Speaker/ Audio/ Video Cable

Microphone CablesThe microphone cable is mainly used for connecting microphone and audio equipment. It should be classified for the weak control cable in the major categories of cables. The method of making is adopted with single core and double core and their outer packeted shielding.Audio CablesAudio connection cable is short for audio cable. It is used to transmit electroacoustic signals or data. Broadly speaking, there are two major types of electrical signals and optical signals.Video CablesVideo cable is used to transmit video signal, which is a coaxial cable used to transmit video band analog signals.Video cables generally have two types of impedance 75 and 50 ohm, and it can also be divided into -3, -5, -7, -9 and other models in accordance with the thickness. According to different material, Video cabe is also divided into two types of SYV and SYWV. JH-COM can custom speaker/audio/video cables by customer's concrete specifications.

Wire Harness Manufacturer

Wire Harness Manufacturer

Custom Wiring harness AssemblyAutomobile wiring harness is the network main body of the automobile circuits. No wiring harness, there is also no automobile circuit. Wire Harness refers to the subassembly making up connection circuits by banding these wire harnesses maden from crimping pieces by the contact terminal (connector) punched by material copper and wire & cable after crimping, then plastic Pressing insulator or adding metal shell on outside. Wiring harness industry chain includes wire and cable, connectors, processing equipment, wiring harness manufacturing and application industry of the downstream. Wire harness has a very wide range of application and can be used in cars, household appliances, computer and communication equipment, electronic instrument and meter etc. Car body's harness connects the whole body, general shape presents H shape.

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M12 Industrial LED Cable Assemblies

M12 Industrial LED Cable Assemblies

The waterproof M12 connecting line / connector uses the signal power transmission connection of LED wiring technology, and the intelligent control LED harness system integrates more and more interconnected equipment, including sensors, brakes, actuators, etc. These devices need to have stable and reliable connection lines to provide power and signal transmission, and need to work in a complex environment, so they need waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-resistant functions. M12 connection line is developing rapidly under the growing demand. M12 connecting line can be divided into welding line type and locking terminal type according to the connection mode; assembly type, forming type and panel type according to the assembly mode; a code, B code, C code, D code, P code, s code, t code and X code according to the anti insertion error coding mode; M12 180 degree straight connecting line, M12 90 degree elbow connecting line, M12 t-connecting line and M12 y-connecting line according to the shape. Line. At the same time, there are two types of shielding and unshielded. According to the number of stitches or cores, there are 3pin, 4Pin, 5pin, 8pin, 12 or 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 8 cores and 12 cores. The outer materials of the connecting wires are pur, TPE, PVC, etc. The M12 connecting wires of jh-com are RoHS, CE, UL certified, with good quality, affordable price and short delivery time.



Customize HD VGA cable

Customize HD VGA cable

JH-COM VGA Cable is used to connect computer and monitor, LCD or LED displayer thun come true the transmission of graphics signal. The information processed by the graphics card are ultimately to output to the display, the output interface of the graphics is a bridge between the computer and monitor. It is responsible to output corresponding image signal for display. CRT monitors for the reason of design and manufacturing only can accept analog signal inputting, which requires the graphics card can input analog signal. VGA interface is the interface in Graphics card that outputs analog signal. VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface is also known as D - Sub interface. Although the LCD can receive digital signals directly, but a lot of low-end products in order to match the VGA interface display, thus adopt the VGA interface. VGA interface is a kind of type D interface, there are 15 needles/holes divided into three rows, each row with five pins/holes.

Electrical/ Electronic Wire Assemblies

Electrical/ Electronic Wire Assemblies

JH-COM can produce standard and customized electrical & electronic wire & cable assemblies for global manufacturers of consumer electronic products, household appliances, industrial equipment and machinery, computer and communication devices etc.Custom Electrical & Electronic Wire & Cable Assemblies Electrical and Electronic wires and cables play the role of human blood vessel and nerve in modern industry. They and Connectors compose the connection system of machinery and devices.JH-COM is just the designer and manufacturer of these connection systems consisting of O ring crimping terminals, solderless terminals, wire harness, various interfaces, I/O connectors, electrical cables, electronics wires, overmolded cables. They are assembled by automatic cutting wire and stripping machine, terminal crimping machine, vertical injection molding machine, injection molds, press tooling and test equipment etc, JH-COM  can provide high quality electrical cable assemby services, electronic wire assembly services for global customers.

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

JH-COM can Custom RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies by customer's requirements. We own completely production and quality management system and can provide first-class products for global manufacturers of communications products.

Custom Cable/ Wiring Looms

Custom Cable/ Wiring Looms

JH-C has been designing and manufacturing cable harnesses & wiring looms for 12 years and owns rich experience engineers and operators. We can custom various simple or complex cable harness looms by customer's requirements and provide a very personalised service regardless of the volume is low and high. We produces high quality wiring harness and wiring looms for a range of industries, including transport and industrial equipment manufacturing.

Customized Cable looms Wire loom Wiring Looms for OEM/ODM

RoSH for Wire Harness                       All kinds of our products are ROHS compliant.

Wire Materials for Wire Harness          Wires can be UL/CSA,CE, VDE,SAA,CB etc;

Connector for Wire Harness                Could be TE, AMP, Molex, LEMO, JST, ketor  or other equivalent

Length for Wire Harness                     As per customer’s request

OEM for Wire Harness                        Large and small OEM's custom wire harness

Service for Wire Harness                    OEM and ODM products are acceptable.

Color for Wire Harness                        According to the requirements of customers

QC for Wire Harness                           All the products are 100% test before delivery.

Emergency Goods forWire Harness   Ship emergency goods by UPS, FedEx, DHL,TNT or air cargo.

ISF for Wire Harness                          We have professional team to help customers make ISF.

Wire Harnesses and Wire Loom can be applied in LCD, Display, Advertising machine, Monitoring, Back projection,

 TV, Medical system/monitoring, Laptop,

 PC and Computer, PDA, DVD, Digital camera, Notebook, tablet PC, HDD etc.

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Custom HDMI Cables

Custom HDMI Cables

HDMI (English: High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a fully digital video and audio transmission Interface. it can transmit uncompressed audio and video signal. The maximum speed of data transmition is 5 GBPS. According to the differences between electric structure and physical shape, HDMI interface can be divided into these four types: Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D. Each type of HDMI is respectively composed of socket used in the device and plug used in the end of cable.HDMI cable supports 5 GBPS data transfer rate and it's farthest transmission distance is 30 meters. It is enough to handle a 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal. And because the bandwidth capacity of a 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal needs less than 4 gb/s transmition rate, therefore,  HDMI cable also has the very big margin. That allows it to use a piece of cable to connect DVD player, receiver and PRR respectively. In addition, HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, therefore, the equipment with HDMI has the characteristics of "plug and play", between signal and display device will automatically hold "consultation", automatically select the most appropriate video/audio formats. HDMI cables are used to connect host and audio/video external devices. The material specifications of customized HDMI cable is normally adopted by high density of colored woven nylon net + high quality injection molding iron powder core + double-side 4 layers of aluminum foil and high density double layers of shielding net +  pure copper tin plated oxidation resistance wire core + copper shell gold-plated 15 u" plug.HDMI and HDMI cables can be used in plasma television, high-definition players, LCD TV, rear projection TV,set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video game instrument, comprehensive expansion machine, digital stereo and the TV. It can transmit video and audio signals at the same time. As the video and audio signals are transmitted by the same cable, it greatly simplify the installation of the system.JH-COM, as a manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies, can custom HDMI cable for world wide cliets from these industries of military, consumer electronics, automotive, medical etc.

More round waterproof connector specifications

More round waterproof connector specifications

If you need to know the specifications and models of multiple connectors, click more precision waterproof connector connectors for customized production. In order to meet the more practical design and selection of customers, the professional jh-com project provides customized engineering research and development services for one-to-one assistance to customers in completing the application of special space for interconnection and connection of complete machine design, and optimizes the overall design idea, layout and connection line design and PCB internal design External interconnection and selection of department integration


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