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M23 servo motor waterproof connector

M23 connector male head assembly type Product specifications:The products have passed UL certification Plastic, metal, stainless steel case 360 ° 

shielding, IP 67 / IP 68 waterproof level Number of connector cores 3-12 pins

Welding line type, face plate type, assembly type Product description: Connector type

 M23 male parent male head code/product type Welding CABLE

Servo motor power 8-core 4 + 4Pin

Product model


Material information:


IEC 61076-2-101 Ed 3.0

Rubber core

PA66 + GF or TPU

The Pin needle

Phosphor copper plating

The screw thread

Brass nickel plated

Insulation resistance

100 m or higher Ω

Waterproof level

IP67 / IP68

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