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Customize HD VGA cable

JH-COM VGA Cable is used to connect computer and monitor, LCD or LED displayer thun come true the transmission of graphics signal. The information processed by the graphics card are ultimately to output to the display, the output interface of the graphics is a bridge between the computer and monitor. It is responsible to output corresponding image signal for display. CRT monitors for the reason of design and manufacturing only can accept analog signal inputting, which requires the graphics card can input analog signal. VGA interface is the interface in Graphics card that outputs analog signal. VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface is also known as D - Sub interface. Although the LCD can receive digital signals directly, but a lot of low-end products in order to match the VGA interface display, thus adopt the VGA interface. VGA interface is a kind of type D interface, there are 15 needles/holes divided into three rows, each row with five pins/holes.

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