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Precision Mould Manufacturing

The company mainly engaged in electronic products, medical products shell, electronic packaging, waterproof casing waterproof outdoor products shell digital products shell, gift case, instruments and meters, electrical products shell, shell, automotive sensors, the constant temperature box shell, remote control box products, injection processing, mold processing, injection mold and plastic mold design and manufacturing, has a complete and scientific quality management system.Integrity, strength and product quality by the industry recognition.Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance, business negotiations.

Mold department has high-speed CNC machining center, mirror spark machine, low speed linear cutting, quadratic element and other high-precision CNC mold processing and testing equipment.Specific equipment :3 CNC machining centers, 15 milling machines, 3 grinding machines, 6 line cutting machines, 5 spark machines, 1 secondary equipment, more than 30 drilling machines, lathes.The grinding precision of the die processing equipment is 0.002mm, the discharging precision is 0.005mm, and the linear cutting precision is 0.002mm.

2. Since its establishment, the company has been constantly innovating, striving for perfection, doing every detail well and adhering to the basic principles of "integrity, responsibility and enthusiasm".We are committed to using technology to provide customers with better experience and service.We hope that we can make continuous improvement according to the requirements of customers, provide customers with satisfactory products and services, grow together with customers, and achieve a win-win situation!

3. Our company has an independent research and development team, which can guarantee customers' requirements on product and mold design, ensure that new designs and new products are launched every month, and make preparations for customers to constantly explore new markets.At the same time, it can effectively guarantee the competitiveness of our partners in the market.We provide product design and mold design, production, electronic product assembly integration, so that customers from the mold to plastic electronic products one-stop shopping.

4. The price of all products of our company has great advantages on the premise of the same raw materials and product quality, but please remind every customer that we cannot use our price to compare with the products with poor quality and low price.

5, quality assurance: all our mold products, plastic and electronic products are made of materials confirmed in the quotation, such as product material quality problems, we promise to purchase and bear the freight!

6. We provide customers with customized molds, customized plastic products and electronic product shell samples.You only need to provide confirmed drawings or samples, we will strictly in accordance with your requirements for production, to provide you with satisfactory products!

7. Delivery commitment: we promise to perform all production in strict accordance with the production and delivery requirements of the sales contract.If the change of drawings in the production process leads to the change of delivery date, we will arrange a very timely time for the change.At the same time, we need your cooperation to discuss details according to our schedule and reach an agreement on business requirements. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to reach the original delivery date.

 7, Delivery commitment: we commitment to strictly execute all production according to the production delivery requirements of the sales contract. If there is drawing changes in the production process cause the change of the delivery date, we will arrange very top time for changed schedule. At the same time, we need your cooperation to discuss detail information and reach an agreement on business demands by our schedule, or it is difficult for us to achieve the original delivery date.


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