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Custom Waterproof Cable

Waterproof cable is also called waterproof plug, waterproof connector, that is the plug with the performance of waterproof and dustproof and it can provide safe and reliable electricity and signal connections.At present, the key evaluation criteria of the waterproof performance for waterproof connector is based on IP waterproof rating standard. Judging waterproof performance, we basically see two numbers behind IPXX, the first X from 0 to 6, the highest level of 6, for dust proof rating; the second X from 0 to 8, the highest level for 8; Therefore the highest waterproof rating for the waterproof connector is IPX8.Sealing principle: it is sealed by pressure pre-tightening relying on as many as five seals and sealing ring. This method of sealing will not to lose pre-tightening force when the connector expands with heat and contracts with cold and ensure the waterproof effectio for a long time. Water molecules can't penetrate under ordinary pressure (can work in less than 2 m depth under water for a long time).Waterproof connection cables is widely used in these industries such as LED street light, LED driver power source, LED display, the lighthouse, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communications equipment, detection equipment etc. It is slso widely used in stage lamp, aquarium, bathroom accessory, switching power supply, mechanical and electrical equipmentetc.

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