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M12 connectors

Practical for field installation M12 circular connector A type, according to the connector standard manufacturing, the number of cores are 4 cores, 5 cores and 8 cores.In accordance with international standards, the use of various fields, connection signal one of the main electronic components.M12 circular waterproof sensor connector is a high standard connector in line with European Union standards.High signal integrity and excellent performance.

M12 connectors, combined with power and data lines, are designed to reduce occupancy and installation and cost for process automation and industrial applications, automation equipment, electronic equipment, electronic instrumentation, sensors, commercial transportation, and military/aviation applications.

Using 4/5/8 contacts, all of them can carry the current of up to 4A per contact.Injection molding technology is used to ensure perfect IP67 seal rating and provide reliable stress relief capability.

According to the shape points: circular electrical connectors (also points M12 connectors, M8 connectors), rectangular electrical connectors (heavy load connectors).

The M12 connector ACTS as a signal connection between various instruments and devices.

The M12 connector can be used for on-site connection and installation, and the cable length can be customized.

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M12 Assembly Connectors WF

M12 Assembly Connectors WF

M12 connectors/cables should be used in industrial automation technology. Automation systems integrate more and more connected devices, including sensors, brakes, actuators, etc.These devices require a stable and reliable connection to provide power and signal transmission, And need to work in a complex environment, so the need for waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance function, M12 connector is in this growing demand is rapidly developed.

M12 connecting line can be divided into welding line and locking terminal type according to the wiring mode;According to the assembly mode, it can be divided into assembly type, type and panel type.

According to the anti-interpolation encoding, it can be divided into A encoding, B encoding, C encoding, D encoding, P encoding, S encoding, T encoding and X encoding.

According to the shape, it can be divided into M12 180-degree straight connection line, M12 90-degree elbow connection line, M12 t-type connection line and M12 y-type connection line.

There are also two types of shielding and non-shielding.There are 3Pin, 4Pin, 5Pin, 8Pin, 12Pin, 17Pin or 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 8 cores and 12 cores according to the number of needles or cores.

The skin material of the connecting wire is PUR, TPE, PVC, etc.The M12 connecting wires of fulaike are all in conformity with RoHS, CE and UL certification, with excellent quality, affordable price and short delivery time


M12 Panel Mount Connectors

M12 Panel Mount Connectors

M12 Panel Mount ConnectorsM12 board end connector can be customized according to the needs of the client. It is mainly divided into front lock panel and back lock panel with the opening at the host end of the client. It is selected for the client according to the requirements of the client. The relevant cooperation is lock waterproof and the exposed size is designed to meet the requirements of Meiwan.

M12 PCB Type Connectors

M12 PCB Type Connectors

The M12 Connector  PCB board connector shall be locked and fixed on the sensor host board

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M12 X Coding Connector

M12 X Coding Connector

M12 8 pole X coding

M12 8 pole X coding connectors are more and more applied in the fields of gigabit industry Ethernet with high bandwidths requirements such as rail transit, vision systems, broadcast, security and control cameras, factory automation systems. They can be suitable for stringent environment for their owning 4 pair connection face with paired shielding.By the special structure design, M12 X coded connectors can achieve maximun data transmission rate and minimal interaction and excellent shielding.

can supply our customers with M12 X-Code Cat 6A 8 Pole PCB Receptacle, M12 X-Code male and female field wireable connectors, M12 Cat 6A 8 Pin Overmolded Cable, M12 X Code Cable and M12 to RJ45 cable with various length such as 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, 10m.

They have the following Features and specifications:
 Compact, robust design
   Fully shielded
   Wire Guage: AWG 28 to AWG 24
   High speed transfer rates to 1 / 10 Gbit
   Cat. 6A up to 10 Gigabit
   Temperature Range: -25 °C to 85 °C
   Protection class IP 65/67/IP68 available

M12 X Coded Cat6A Gigabit Ethernet connector

M12 Y/ T Type Adapter Conectors

M12 Y/ T Type Adapter Conectors

M12 Y/ T Adaptor connector adaptor connectors for sensor signals or power supply in parallel or in series

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