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Customized SATA Cable

SATA is the abbreviation of Serial ATA. It is a kind of computer bus, the main function is used as the data transmission between a main board and a large number of storage devices (such as hard disk and CD-ROM drive). This is a completely different from the new type of hard disk interface of the serial PATA, named for using serial mode ti transmit data. SATA bus using the embedded clock signal owns a stronger error correction capability, compared with the past, it's biggest difference is to check the transmittion instruction (not just data), if it find there is an error and it can automatically correct, which improves the reliability of data transmission in a large extent. The serial interface also has the advantages of simple structure and supporting hot plug. At present, SATA respectively owns three kinds of specifications such as 1.5Gbit/s SATA, 3Gbit/s SATA and 6Gbit/s SATA. There will be a more rapid Express SATA specifications in the futhure.

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