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Wire-to-Wire Connector

WIRE OT WIRE  Connector includes a line on the form of a cable or cable to cable, its definition is characterized by two single individual or two cables in the corresponding conductor is permanently connected to each other.Such a permanent connection is more common in fixed connection line connection and IDC connection to the line.Crimp connection found in discontinuous line connector, IDC for its on related to the wire and the wire end processing has superiority and is often used to control cable connector, wire connector to the line with all sorts of geometry shape plastic support form such as rectangular and circular polymerization molding parts, there are many different forms of combination in the shape of plastic parts and metal shielding shell, mainly on the military application.
JH - C has been developed and designed various types of wire connector to the line, these connectors are widely used in automobiles, communications, consumer electronics, data processing, industrial machinery and other industries.

4.0 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

4.0 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

This is 4.0 mm pitch wire-to-wire connector for DC power supply. Applicable wire is AWG#18-22, Current rating is 3A AC,DC. Voltage rating is 250V AC,DC.
3.0 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

3.0 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

JH-COM Provides high cost-effective wire to wire connectors and cable assemblies.This type of 3.0 pitch connector has 2-24 pin plugs and sockets available.
2.54 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

2.54 mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connectors

This is 2.54 pitch wire to wire connector and there are 2-25 pin connector available.This crimping terminal connector can be use in transmit power or signal.

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