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Aviation connector 5015

Domestic replacement VG95234 20-15s /P clasp military standard aviation plug The VG95234 series is basically the same as the mil-dtl-5015 connector, but with an improved connection system.The G95234 series replaces the mating threads used in mil-dtl-5015 with a mandatory, quick bite, three-point reverse pin.VG95234 series of the shell size, joint layout, joint and performance characteristics and mil-dtl-5015 thread connectors are basically the same, but the two series of connectors can not be mutually inserted.The pins can be arranged in more than 180 ways, connected from 1 to 85 lines, and the pin current can be up to 150 amperes.The standard design of mil-dtl-5015 is adopted to allow mixed layout of current insertion needle and signal insertion needle, or only one type of insertion needle, namely current insertion needle or signal insertion needle.These connectors are completely sealed against moisture, condensation, vibration and flashover.When the two halves of the connector are inserted and closed, the rear sealing ring is fastened on the front interface to achieve complete sealing.

国产替代VG95234 20-15S/P 卡扣式军标航空插头

VG95234系列与MIL-DTL-5015连接器基本相同,但具有改进的连接系统。 G95234系列采用一个强制性、快速咬合、三点式反向卡销替换MIL-DTL-5015 内使用的接合螺纹。 VG95234系列的壳体尺寸、接头布置、接头及性能特征与MIL-DTL-5015螺纹连接器基本相同,但两个系列连接器无法相互插合。插针布局的排列超过180种,连接线路从1到85路,插针电流可高达150安培。采用MIL-DTL-5015标准设计,允许电流插针与信号插针混合布局,或者仅布置一种插针,即电流插针或信号插针。这些连接器完全密封,耐潮湿、冷凝、振动及闪络。当连接器的两半插合后,后部密封扣环扣紧在前端界面密封上,以实现完全密封。


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