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Cable Assembly Custom

JH-C as abundant experience of senior engineers and r &d team, in the electronic wiring harness, cable assembly industry for the specific needs of customers to provide a standard or custom non-standard wire, wire harness and cable assemblies.Specific products include custom HDMI hd cable, VGA hd line, Display the Port line, , USB cable, 6/6 s/iPhone iPhone cable, waterproof cable, LED CABLE, video monitor cable, automotive wiring harness, sensor cables, industrial automation line, etc.Our engineers will be according to the customer product application environment, from the connector of mechanical properties, electrical properties, environmental performance to the selection, design and development.Provide international and reliable products and professional services to the customers!


Circular connector

JH - C M5 M8 connectors/M12 connectors protection IP67 and IP68 shielded and unshielded.They include sensor connector, actuator connectors and xcode Cat6A high-speed 10 gbit rugged industrial Ethernet connector.Compact design and provide cable, a panel mount and flange connector.With the standard screw end M5, M8 M12 and products, sensor connector wiring to ensure rational and economic system.Compatible connectors, sockets and accessories, JH - C sensor connectors professional manufacturers suppliers.The sensor connector can be in accordance with the requirements of customers, make it suitable for a wide range of automation technology in the field of demand.This category contains the sensor connector on the M5, M8 sensor connector, M12 connector, a coding and connecting cable range


Waterproof structure Design

JH-C Waterproof structure 3d Design professional can provide professional product design, research and development services for global clients in the fields of connectors, cable assemblies, metal parts, plastic parts, electronics and electrical components. The concrete services include CAD 2D drafting Services, Proe 3D drawing services, product structure design services, high precision 3D printing services, prototype manufacturing services etc. We can support our customers to complete the design of interconnection solutions, product housing, electronics product encloures, corresponding mould designing and manufacturing, the samples and mass production for components and parts.


Leading Products

M12 Sensor Cable Plug, Stainless Steel Threaded Lock, 4 Pin Connector
Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male. Coding: A-Coding. Contacts: 4 pins. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm.
M12 Shielded Connector, Metal Shell, 5 Pin Cable Plug
Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male. Coding: A-Coding. Contacts: 5 pins. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm.
M8 Sensor Cable, Female Molded Receptacle, 3 4 5 6 8 Contacts
M8 Molded Sensor Cable are divided into two types of male and female connector. There are 3 to 8 contacts socket available. The quality is excellent.
M12 X Coded Connector, Field Installation, Gigabit Ethernet Male Connector
This is M12 X coded ethernet connector with 8 pin soldering terminals. It can ensure the Ethernet cable firmly connect to contact terminals.
Custom Complex Wire Harness and Wiring Looms
JH-C for machine manufacturer custom complex integrated circuit wiring harness and PCB.We have successfully designed and produced dozens of complex compound hub wiring harness.designed and produced tens of types of complicated wire harnesses and cable looms.
M8 Field Wireable Connector, 3 pin 4 pin Screw Terminal
M8 Field Wireable Connectors are widely used in automation sensor connection and convenient to install in the factory.


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