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Custom connector drawing service

CAD 2D/Proe 3D drawing service new product design and customization service

CAD 2D drawing service

CAD 2D drawing service is to conduct mapping according to samples provided by customers, provide corresponding 2D view service or provide corresponding 2D engineering drawing service according to specific requirements provided by customers, so as to provide customers with design review and production and processing customization in accordance with 3d 2D engineering drawing.

CAD 2D drawing refers to the projection direction of product shape or section on x,y or x,z or yz plane respectively, and the corresponding length, width and height dimensions are marked out, so as to express a complete product structure standard through three views and sectional drawing.

Proe 3D drawing service

Proe 3D drawing service refers to providing the corresponding 3D view service according to the samples or specific requirements provided by customers. 3D drawing can vividly present customers' ideas and continuously improve according to customers' requirements until customers are satisfied with 3D drawing.For the internal structure of the product, 3D drawing can be viewed and analyzed, so that customers have a complete understanding of the internal structure of the physical appearance.Customized for late production and an intuitive standard.

ProE 3D drawing software is a 3D drawing software with excellent performance, which can provide x,y and z coordinate views and view various sizes.At the same time, 3D view can be converted into CAD 2D view, which greatly saves the time of drawing CAD 2D picture. As soon as 3D picture is completed, 2D picture will come out.It can effectively realize the communication between the product terminal customers and the product production enterprises or departments, and reduce the communication difficulties or differences in the communication.

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