M8 Connector/ M8 Cable

M8 Connectors have the features of waterproof, oil resistance, cold-resistant, stable performance, high efficient and fast connection, it is widely used in photoelectric switch, proximity switch, sensor and all kinds of industrial wiring system.

M8 connector, also known as sensor connector, is divided into two types of connector with cable and without cable, M8 connector cable outlet has two types of 4-6 and 6-10 optional.The length of the cable has 1 m, 2 m, 5 m and 10 m.

M8 connectors have male and female and male connector with needles, female connector with contact holes, adopted screw connection, enclosure protection class is IP67, at the same time, it is also classified by straight head and elbow.

M8 connector has been widely used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, iron and steel production equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, automatic production equipment, temperature sensor, hydraulic machine, sensor, electromagnetic valve, instruments and meters, pressure transmitter, etc.

M8 Sensor Connector and Cable Cordset Catalog

M8 Male Assembly type connector, A Coding, Plastic Shell, 3 Pin 4 Pin

This is M8 field assembly male connector and it is convenient to connecting wires then realize the connection between host and related devices. The wire connecting method is by screwing terminal.

M8 Assembly Type Connector, Female Plastic Shell, 4 Contacts

This is M8 field mountable female connector with a plastic housing. The waterproof rate reaches IP 67. There are 3 contacts, 4 Contacts, 5 contacts M8 connectors for option.

M8 Male Connector, Field Assembly type, Shielded Metal Shell

This is M8 shielded assembly male connector with stainless steel shell. It is suitable for complicated electromagnetic circumstances

M8 Female Connector, Assembly Type, Shielded Stainless Steel Shell

M8 Assembly Female Connector owns a Shielded Stainless Steel metal Shell. It can be used in the factory with complicated electromagnetic circumstances.

M8 Field Wireable Connector, 3 pin 4 pin Screw Terminal

M8 Field Wireable Connectors are widely used in automation sensor connection and convenient to install in the factory.

M8 Field Installable/ Mountable Connectors,3P 4P Screw Terminal

This M8 connector is suitable for fieldable installation and mounting by customer.It owns screw terminals to connecting wires.

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